Kenport starts operating in Paraguay


Kenport S.A., a renowned company, seeks to expand its business in the region and it has decided to provide its bunkering services to vessels in Paraguay.

The company’s headquarters are in the city of Buenos Aires, and it operates in Uruguay and Paraguay. It has decided to expand its business in Paraguay, by operating as a fuel distributor by using bunkers since 2019.

Bunkers, also known as “carboneras” in Spanish, are used to load fuel into vessels and this company is seeking to grab the attention of the large Paraguayan fleet.

The head of Kenport, Daniel Agüero, stated that they were inspired to expand their business in Paraguay due to the increasing amount of clients Kenport has in this country. After making deliveries to the Paraguayan fleet in Argentina and Uruguay, the company realized it was key to be present and have a management department in such country.

Not only does the company have ISO 9001/2015 quality certification, but it also conducts business in Paraguay in various ports: in Encarnación, through tubes or inlets; in Asunción, San Antonio, Villa Hayes, and Puerto Pabla. It may make deliveries to Pilar, Concepción and Vallemi. In Argentina, it operates through delivering fuels to the vessels in Buenos Aires, Dock Sud, Campana, Zárate, San Pedro, San Nicolás, Rosario, San Lorenzo, Corrientes, Formosa, and Concepción del Uruguay; and in Uruguay, in Fray Bentos, Colonia de Sacramento, Montevideo, and Nueva Palmira.


Source: Revista PROTAGONISTA del sector Logístico y Comercio Exterior [PROTAGONISTA Magazine, on Logistics and Foreign Trade], Volume 10, issue 37.